We care about capturing every moment of your special day.

We want to help you create a timeless piece of history on a flexible budget. Discreet and professional, we document your day ensuring you are always the center of attention. With a combination of live audio, music, and picturesque visuals, you will be able to relive every touching moment for years to come.

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Caitlyn Birdsong

Production Coordinator

A Producer by trade, I know exactly how to get the perfect shot and the right questions to ask. I pride myself on my fierce attention to detail and for being overly organized. Having recently been married myself, I truly understand the frustrations that come with planning a wedding. My job is to work with Dani to remove any concern you have with capturing your event and to create a digital memory that you can revisit over and over again.


Dani Kubitz


Wedding season is my favorite season, and videography has allowed me to become a professional wedding guest. It gives me a chance to pursue a career in which I get to capture the special moments for those in love. Documenting those moments is important, and I know exactly when and where to point the camera so they can last forever. With Caitlyn's knack for planning and my visual eye, we're able to give you a custom film that will allow you to always remember your day.

We are based in DALLAS, but we would love to capture your destination wedding!